Unique Mother’s Day Gifts – Photo Calendars, Diaries, Address Books, and More

Photo Calendars

The photo calendar is the perfect gift item if you’re looking to add a number of pictures without creating a photo montage. You can pick a picture for every single month of the year as well as captions to accompany each one and you can design the front cover using another picture and a title for the calendar. Finally, pick the month in which the calendar should start and then sit back and wait for it to arrive in the post in time for Mother’s Day this year.

Adding Photos To The Calendar

One of the great things about the photo calendar is that it is made from top quality materials. This means that your Mum will be able to keep and enjoy the calendar for many years to come – it may be designed for storing dates and appointments for a year but it is also designed to show off photos and be enjoyed for several years.

Notebooks And Journals

Notebooks and journals contain 80 pages of 120gsm ivory coloured paper and your photo is printed on the front and back of the book on high quality satin. Notebooks and journals are ideal for use to keep notes, write shopping lists, or just to doodle while you’re on the telephone. For a little extra you can even choose a different picture to have printed on the back to make it even more unique and special.

Address Books And Diaries

The address book has proven to be the most popular of all customised photo books and contains 80 pages of alphabetised pages. Choose a photo and have it printed on the front and back cover – while portrait pictures do work best, landscape shots can still be used. The diary is 140 pages of 110gsm paper and measures approximately 1cm in thickness, such is the quality of the paper. As with address books, notebooks, and journals you can also select a second, different picture to print on the back.

Personalised Cards

There are many occasions and events during the year that require the sending of greeting cards; Mother’s Day is just one of those days in the calendar. Personalised cards come in packs of 10 to 40 and you can incorporate as many different designs as you want so that you can stock up for the whole year now.

Photo Boxes

Photo boxes can be a great way to package a gift before sending it in the post or taking it round to your Mum’s but they also make superb gifts as well. The high quality, durable card is both strong and reinforced so that it will be able to hold virtually any item that you want to put in it or post in it. If you do use it to send a photo gift in then your Mum will be able to use the box as a storage or keepsake box afterwards as well.

Travel Journals – Today’s Diary Is Tomorrow’s History

What if you used a trip diary to record a different kind of travel – a journey into the milestones of your life or the lives of loved ones? Did you ever think that your everyday life is an adventure worth preserving?

We travel for lots of reasons, such as to enrich our lives, to relax, or to visit friends and family. Travel journals are the perfect tool to capture our travel experiences, so we can preserve them and relive them.

Historians use diaries to gain information about the past. A good example is Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series. Her father’s restlessness caused the Ingalls family to move across the Unites States, which became the basis of these famous books. A more tragic story comes from one of the most famous journals, The Diary of Anne Frank. The author described a journey that forever left a mark on history.

What do Anne Frank and Laura Ingalls Wilder have in common? Neither knew they were making history when they started their journals. Both of these girls lived extraordinary lives but started out writing about ordinary circumstances. When Anne Frank made her first diary entry, she wrote about her birthday. She did not know that her diary would become a book and historical document.

The words ‘journey’ and ‘journal’ come from the same root, from the French word meaning “a day.” Anne Frank and Laura Ingalls Wilder captured the journey of a day. All those days added up to a legacy.

What if you were to start your journal as travel of a day? Can you imagine what you would have if you wrote one sentence and took a photo of something, every day for one year? Perhaps you start out recording the ordinary, but if something extraordinary happened, it would be easy to write about it since you have already begun your daily journal.

You could concentrate on special events, such as social and family gatherings, trips, family traditions, holidays, or historical moments. Perhaps you could write about tiny trips, such as going to a movie or out to dinner. These may not seem important now, but can you imagine your grandchildren reading what you wrote?

What if you made this a family project? Imagine what you would have if every night before bedtime, your children wrote something about their day? In these days of economic uncertainty, a keepsake like this would be priceless.

If you want to, you may add photos to your journey journal. You can keep them on a CD or DVD and store them in a pocket in your diary. If your journal doesn’t have a pocket page, you can attach a CD sleeve to the inside back cover.

You can start your armchair travel anytime. Your birthday, the New Year, or today. Remember, you are capturing history, and history does not make an appointment. So why not start now? You never know what will happen tomorrow.

Oscar Wilde wrote, said, “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” Perhaps your journal will not make for sensational reading now, but later, when the memories are cold and forgotten, you will have created a legacy.

The Online Diary Planner Boosts Web Conferencing and Makes Online Meetings Unforgettable

As the world is metamorphosing into a global village, web conferencing, online meetings and webinars have become the buzzwords of the day. With the influence of globalization spreading even to the most remote corners of the globe, Internet conferencing, online meetings and web-based meetings have assumed new dimensions. Meetings that required to be hosted with much fanfare before are being conducted using web or video conferencing techniques. In the yesteryears, the arrival of the President of an organization from foreign shores was a special occasion. The branch office at home would gear up for his/her arrival a fortnight before he/she arrived, and give him/her a grand reception right from the airport. As the President stepped out of the limousine and entered the office, a red carpet would be laid out and a well-rehearsed event would be hosted in the person’s honor before everyone got down to work. Those days have disappeared now with the advent of web conferencing. Now, top-ranking executives visit subsidiary offices only if it is absolutely essential. Everything else is achieved through video conferencing. Training sessions, meetings, and presentations are now conducted through web conferencing. WebEx is by far the most popular web conferencing software. It helps you to ‘deliver real-time IT support to distributed company employees’. It also helps you to ‘minimize downtime while maximizing helpdesk productivity’. Dimdim web conferencing software is an exceptional Internet conferencing software that offers excellent web- conferencing solutions. Oracle web-conferencing and Microsoft web-conferencing are other renowned applications that support web conferencing. Microsoft has also launched a software that supports video conferencing. Several software companies are now producing software that can support web video conferencing. Some applications are even open source web-conferencing software.

All told, web conferencing helps to cut face-to-face meeting expenditures; travel expenditures that arise when executives fly to destinations in order to attend conferences; other inevitable expenditures that occur when a conference is hosted, such as venue, meeting equipment, food and drinks, and delegate accommodation expenditures. If you want a web conferencing comparison, you should try out web- conferencing with different software.

But web or video conferencing has its limitations. Web conferencing is about connecting with people who are far away and using sophisticated equipment that supports such conferencing. It is not about the conference or meeting per se. It is not about how you’ll set your meeting agenda, what the topics for discussion will be, how you’ll extract data from old documents and minutes of meetings and conferences previously held, it is not about how you’ll collate your data and facts, how you’ll streamline the meeting-data organization process so that you don’t feel lost in a sea of data when you decide to summon a meeting or call a conference. These deficiencies of video conferencing have been more than adequately made up by the online organizing tool commonly known as the online diary planner.

The online diary planner is a web-based application that enhances web conferencing by several degrees. The online diary planner is an application that allows you to manage data and documentation in a way that’s new and satisfying. The online diary planner and web conferencing are two sides of the same coin. The online diary planner is an application into which you can upload your list of contacts; the agenda, minutes, summaries and relevant documents of meetings; photos and details of venues; and other meeting-related information quickly and from which you can retrieve data as soon as you want. A part of the online diary planner is devoted to web conferencing too. The webapp allows you to share critical meeting data and agenda with key people of the organization through its Shared Meeting and Shared Agenda facilities. While you can use web conferencing to access and share meeting-related data via the online diary planner, the online diary planner ensures that your confidential data remains inaccessible and secure.

A reliable online diary planner furthers the goal of web conferencing by being available to you for use at zero cost. A free software, the authentic online diary planner can function in concert with web conferencing software to yield great results! Look up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_diary_planner if you want to avail of genuine and free online diary planners for meetings and conferences. You can trust Wikipedia to give unbiased information.